About Handwritten Cards

From Letters, Cards and Service

At Handwritten Cards we keep it simple for you the customer. Handwritten Cards is Small Company based in Hampshire in the Heart of the South Downs.

Here is an example of Clare’s Handwriting.

There are many reasons you might choose our handwritten card service. Perhaps you’re short on time, hate writing cards, have messy writing or simply can’t make it to the post box. Maybe you’re sending a card to a loved one overseas and want to save some time.

Character Limits

Greeting Cards – 250

Letters – 1024

Corespondent Cards – 300

There is no charge for our Handwritten Service. Not only are we a reliable, fast and professional small business but at a time where everything is very expensive we want the cost of sending a card to be the same as if you were sending it yourself.

We have Birthdays, Occasions, Celebrations, Illustrators and Art Cards. Check the menu to explore our full card range.

Handwritten Letter Service

Why Choose Us?

Handwritten Letters are very popular. We can write up to 2000 Characters per letter.

Send direct or we can send in a unsealed envelope straight to you.

Love Letters, Poems, Wedding Vows, Public Speeches, Eulogy and much more. We’ve even sent letters for Dungeon & Dragon events.

Our stationary for the letters is source from quality stationers including Smythsons which is a well known luxury brand. It has some beautiful stationary and their product range is amazing.

Handwritten Place Cards – For Weddings and Functions, show your guests effortlessly to their seats with our Handwritten Place Card Service.

We’ve completed many cards for Weddings and even for smaller events like Dinner Parties. It shows your guest that extra effort was taken rather than a printed card.

If you have a particular theme for your Wedding or Function we can supply different variations. Please contact us for more details.

Handwritten Cards

International Orders

We are loved all over the world

We send our cards and letters all over the world. There is nothing better than receiving an airmail from the United Kingdom especially when it is handwritten.

Time scales for International Cards and Letters can be 6-10 by Royal Mail but if you need quickly we can send by DHL which is 1-3 day service.

Resurgence of Handwriting

It’s coming back in fashion

Analogue doesn’t seem to have a place in such a digital world; however, there seems to be a resurgence of basic pen and paper, and alongside it comes a newfound romance with handwriting. You’d only need to browse through the numerous planning hashtags on social media to satisfy your visual cravings of precisely printed prose, and lust over the perfect curvature and consistency of certain letters.